Author: Michael

I poured my heart and soul into a tiny bar in Aurora, Colorado for five years. I went from a spry 23-year-old to a haggard old bar owner in that short amount of time. It taught me a lot about the industry, about people, and about my own limitations and dreams. A piece of my soul is forever tied to that place, those people, and that five years. Even though it is no longer mine, I can't leave hospitality. I NEED to be a part of that community. It's simply in my blood. So now, I write about the industry. I'm working on traveling the country to meet and talk with everyone I can about their jobs, their places, their customers, the ownership, their managers, everything. I want to share those experiences with you. Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for reading this Bio. Your support means the world to me. I hope that I'm giving you something worthwhile.
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Corona Virus is now a Pandemic–What That Means for Service Industry

“Pandemic means ‘all the people’ (pan = all; demos = people) and the implication of an outbreak of [a pandemic] is that it will spread rapidly through a non‐immune population and infect most if not all of them. If you take out the ‘dem’, the word pandemic becomes panic.”